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Calling of the Angels by BeLove

In its constant search for innovative and distinct pieces, it was created an elegant collection of silver charms, involved in a mystic aura, directed to modern and sure of themselves women.

These fashion accessories join the classicism to the most contemporary fashion what makes them a distinct and indispensable accessory.

The Legend of The Calling of the Angels

According to this legend, thousands of years ago, the elves and the fairies that inhabited the woods had a special connection with the guardian angels. By unknown circumstances, the elves and the fairies had to run away from the woods where they lived, so, the Angels offered them as a symbol of protection, some amulets which could only be used by them.

The Angels told the elves and the fairies that whenever they needed protection, they should shake the amulets. hese would make a sound that only the Angels could hear, knowing the elves and fairies needed their help. The legend also tells us the amulet had to be used many times. They called it THE CALLING OF THE ANGELS.

In search for mysticism, we have recovered this amulet that it is thought to be able to be heard by the Angels today. An elegant charm involved in magic.

The Models

The Calling of the Angels by BeLove collection is composed by 16 silver models and all of them brings a sphere that produces a soft and harmonious sound inspired by the Calling of The Angels legend. 

The models come in different sizes, according to the diameter of the Calling Angels sphere, such as: 12, 15, 18 and 20mm (the complet charms have about 2 mm more then the sphears).

Some of the models have carved gems, such as zircon (clear and transparent), topaz (sky blue) and emerald (light pink).

Each model allows to change the sphere according to the colours we provide, allowing our clients to match them with other accessories, clothes and occasions.